aeRefracTHOR v1.0

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Contributor: Aitor Echeveste
It is a gizmo that will allow you to create a refraction effect directly from nuke, using a geometry and a camera. It allows you to simulate different optical effects to achieve a result similar to glass. By Aitor Echeveste
13.1, 12.0, 11.0, 10.5 or later
Linux, Mac, Windows
09 Apr 2022


userguideTutorial/Overview video:






You can download all  the last updates here: 



Update Log:

aeRefracTHOR v1.0 - 12 July 2021



Feedback, bugs and ssuggestion will be welcome. Hope you find it useful!


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+2 # Martin Mayrhofer-Reinhartshuber 2021-11-10 12:43
Great tool thanks,

There are some issues with the dummy cam not updating and therefore giving false output for my nuke.
For my case i just bypassed the dummycam and gave it the CAm_Input connection. Idk what it does with functionality though but it seems to work.
Also according to a friend having a scaling on the readGeo node (alembic files) is also messing up the absorption value of the tool.
So maybe the tools needs a scaling float input too, to compensate for this.

+1 # Mehdi Y 2022-10-30 17:18
Great tool. I wish it had the option to preserve source image's alpha. It gives the alpha of the geo as output alpha

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