eFibonacciGlow v4.0

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Contributor: Giovanni Ermes Vincenti
eFibonacciGlow is an exponential glow based upon Leonardo Fibonacci sequence of numbers.
12.0, 11.3, 11.2, 11.1, 11.0, 10.5, 10.0, 9.0, 8.0 or later
Linux, Mac, Windows
11 Feb 2020

eFibonacciGlow v4.0

  • Quadratic, Fibonacci and Tribonacci fall-off
  • shrink black/white bug fixed
  • mask input added
  • minor bugs fixed

eFibonacciGlow is an exponential glow based upon Leonardo Fibonacci sequence of numbers. 


The exponential sequence is characterized by the fact that every number after the first two is the sum of the two preceding ones.

This is an alternative glow gizmo to Nuke's standard glow node.

Features included:

  • Choose channels
  • Glow size with exponential Faloff
  • Manipulate Input Luminance tolerance
  • Shrink Black/White
  • Effect on your footage / Effect only with possibility to merge over your footage
  • Mix with original

fibonacci preview


How to install (optional)

1. Copy the folder 'eTools' in your .nuke folder (under C:/Users/...)

2. Add the following lines to your init.py file (right click and edit ) :



3. Add the following lines to your menu.py file (right click and edit ) :

toolbar = nuke.menu('Nodes')
eMenu = toolbar.addMenu('eTools', icon='eTools.png')
eMenu.addCommand('eFibonacciGlow', 'nuke.createNode('eFibonacciGlow')', icon='eFibonacciGlow.png')


Share if you like it and feel free to contact me for special needs at ermesvincenti.wordpress.com
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+1 # Nikolai Wüstemann 2017-01-03 14:35
Very nice Gizmo, this Glow is way better than the Nuke standard.
But I think the last line for the menue.py should be:

eMenu.addCommand('eFibonacciGlow', lambda: nuke.createNode ('eFibonacciGlo w'), icon='eFibonacciGlow.png')

The one posted above gave me an error. And since you are not using any Nuke10 only Nodes (I guess), you can create the Gizmo for a lower version, 6 or 7 or something.
And you can take a look at the comp format, because right now the Gizmo forces the one set in the project settings, but it should adapt to the input by default :)
0 # Ermes Vincenti 2017-01-03 16:04
Hey Nikolai!
I'm glad you liked this Gizmo.
Thanks for the heads up! I think the problem was in the line "'nuke.createNo de('\eFibonacci Glow')'". There was an additional slash that shouldn't be there. I've corrected it in the readme.txt and updated a new 1.1 version. Everything works for me now.

The Gizmo is already working for lower version, that was a mistake during uploading! And about the comp format, the Gizmo already adapt to the input by default, there are no forces. Maybe if you are talking about the crop you could un-check "crop to format" to preserve bounding-box.

Thanks and keep compositing! ;)
+2 # Fabrizio Gilardoni 2017-01-10 12:44
Thanks for the Gizmo!

I've found it right when I was working on a project that needed a good deal of glow.

Happy compositing ;)
0 # Mike Connolly 2017-02-10 00:52
What a lovely glow it is, a thing of beauty.

0 # James lee 2017-04-27 18:53
Having a problem opening this in 9.0v8, I get an error saying that the gizmo is only for 10.0.v5
+1 # James lee 2017-04-27 19:00
My bad, it works but just get that message popping up! Awesome tool!
0 # mjb b 2018-10-30 22:27
thank you!
god bless u!
0 # Federico Sibella 2020-03-23 13:26
Grazie Ermes! Provo subito :)
Thanks Ermes! Gonna try right away!
0 # Sergio Lugo 2021-04-02 21:07
I use this all the time! However in v13 i can't add it to the menu.py, it crashes on boot.

Whats the proper syntax to add it? Thanks
0 # Uwe Majer 2021-05-08 12:51
it seems that even after setting to all channels its not glowing the alpha at all. Thanks
0 # yang li 2023-04-11 08:47
thank you

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