Gabor Filter - Hair Extraction v1.5

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Contributor: Theophile Grezes
Keying fine hair has never been easier ! This gizmo uses convolution through a 'Gabor filter', used in imaging for isolating elongated features.
13.1 or later
Linux, Mac, Windows
29 May 2022

Fine hair keying using Gabor filtering


Node results


This gizmo uses the magic of Gabor filtering to provide a way for detecting elongated features (like fine hair strands).

It should be pretty simple to use.

The node outputs the filtered image in the 3 rgb channels. A strong contrast on the source image will give stronger, better results. If you're using it on green screen for hair extraction, you generally will use the green channel only as it is the one with the strongest contrast between the strands and the background. 

Then, you can use a merge node with operation 'plus' to add the hair details to your existing alpha (IBK or anything else)


Node usage


I've added a small help text for every control knob. Don't hesitate to hover the cursor on those if you want information on what they do.


This gizmo comes from an idea presented in Chloe Legendre's SIGGRAPH paper from 2017 'Improved Chromakey of Hair Strands via Orientation Filter Convolution


Enjoy !

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+2 # Karma FX 2022-05-16 16:48
Great job!
I think that the BG Offset is not linked to the CCs. Not sure if it's supposed to control that knob inside.
0 # Theophile Grezes 2022-05-17 01:03
Thank you ! That was indeed a problem and got fixed in v1.5 just now !

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