Grain Extraction Gizmo v1.0

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Contributor: Grover L Richardson III
A simple tool to pull grain from your original plate and reapply it to your degrained plate.
10.0 or later
07 Feb 2018

This gizmo uses a difference to to extract grain from your original plate versus your degrained plate to reapply to the comp at the end. 

The gizmo is far from perfect and has worked on what I needed it too. Some known issues with it currently are , if you are using grain from a greenscreen or blue screen (hey some folks have done it), then inconsistent shadows, creases, and markers will come through ghosting in the grain. The same goes for heavily shadowed parts that have something like smoke being composited over it. Those will ghost through as well. Some fun fixes though, are if you have removed too much detail in your denoise, sometimes this will be able to pull that information back in for you. Not 100%, but it can help. 

This was made on OSX. I am totally not sure if it will work on Windows or Linux.

Any goober could have put this together. So, use it as you will. And as Bill and Ted would say... 'Be Excellent To Each Other!'
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0 # Dmitriy Patrushev 2019-01-08 16:31
Thank you very much

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