normalish v1.1

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Contributor: Khari Anthony
Generates normal map based on luma
9.0, 8.0, 7.1, 7.0, 6.3 or later
Linux, Mac, Windows
04 Jan 2016

Generates normals from brightness of pixels in an image. Good for quick hacks.






works well with deLIGHTful node

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0 # Lucas Pfaff 2015-12-11 23:28
Hey, that looks really nice!
However I don't seem to get a usable result; all I get is a clipping blue channel with slight variantion, and empty green/red channels. Any additional infos how to use the node? :)

Ah, I got it; I copied from Sublime, which won't work as the Node is named incorrectly so the expressions won't work. Adding "name Normalish" did the trick! Same with deLIGHTful btw :)
0 # Khari Anthony 2015-12-12 01:29
Thank you!
I will fix asap. and update this page with some more instructions.
+1 # Lucas Pfaff 2015-12-12 16:24
you're welcome!

note, the node is only named incorrectly because it has no proper name without the "name XXX" inside the gizmo; if you create the gizmo after installing it properly it's no problem. Maybe just adding the name into it is fool proof though, haha :)
+1 # M Frank 2015-12-15 03:00
Hey man,

Love normalish and deLIGHTful, great work. For your expressions inside the gizmo you should switch to using "parent.knobnam e'. 'parent' will always grab the group/gizmo node regardless of the name.
0 # Khari Anthony 2016-01-07 21:50
I updated the node. Thanks all. It should be set up properly now

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