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Contributor: Josh Paul

1.37 Kb

This helps us use 'VectorBlur' node for matching motion blur according to our required direction of motion blur with knob 'angle'.

15 Dec 2023
Contributor: morefall

11.19 Kb

Extend your edges with Blur nodes become fun! Dynamic creation of 'blur-unpremult' method inside a group.

03 Oct 2023
Contributor: Mohy_eldin

11.16 Kb

Edge extend motion Refine Edge

29 Mar 2023
Contributor: jgbidwell

3.04 Kb

This gizmo emulates chromatic aberration found in some lenses. Optimized to calculate quickly. * Updated to work with Nuke 12. (May not work 100% with 13) * Current version is a group (instead of a gizmo), so you can use it on the farm.

10 Nov 2022
Contributor: pagis

1.33 Kb

A quick and simple Gizmo that let's you add some snow to your footage.

31 Oct 2022
Contributor: sillycalvin

7,883.39 Kb

A simple film halation filter/effect

27 Apr 2022
Contributor: aitor10995

12.39 Kb

Fill in the track marks or elements that you want to erase from the plate without losing the detail of the surface, powerer by blink script. I included the option of rescue all the surface detail, also you can rescue the highlights of the surface. If it's necessari you can ofset the surface detail if you want to keep the ditail but the original detail makes appear the clean up.

09 Apr 2022
Contributor: aitor10995

292.95 Kb

aeAnamorphic is a simple way to give a realistic anamorphic look to your compositions with real distortion charts and automatic breathing.

06 Apr 2022
Contributor: rperez333

10.32 Kb

The guided blur is an edge-preserving blur, useful to add fine details to a roto/matte. Similar to the 'Refine Edge' feature from Photoshop.

24 Jan 2022
Contributor: aitor2d

11.36 Kb

This tool will help you to add spectrum in your shots. It's better than chromatic aberration because is based in all ranges of color: purple, blue, cyan, green, yellow, orange, red. Forget the basic chromatic aberration based in RGB. This tool works very well in shots with water or under the water. Use it with caustics and it will blow your mind. It works really well with Alexa, Phantom and better with eye fish lenses Hope you enjoy it!

08 Dec 2021
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