LCA Zdepth v2.4

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Contributor: Lesfauris Cedric
Improve the Zdefocus guizmo with a lof of feature. Analyze Zdepth , Fix foreground blur, Auto Depth normalized , focal point help, Bake Depth animated value. Mask mode and more. Now just added the focal point , make some correction, now you able to fix the focal plane on the BG and FG defocus mask for more accurency, some minor improve for the edge fix when you defocus the Fg (simplify a bit the interface ) more user friendly
11.0, 10.5, 10.0, 9.0, 8.0 or later
Linux, Mac, Windows
22 Nov 2017



Four comp

 Tool v2.4 bis

Fast help

To use the tool 

First you need to set witch channel have your depth (connect the depth on the depth in input ) 


You can click on Set Zdepth value . (for entire sequence ), or  Reference fram  ( if your camera doesn't move ) (to auto set Depth far point parameter)

 Z animated  - Reference frame



to set your focal point you need to click on Z normalize or Z true value (zdepth viewer). and pick the pixel  with the (Focal Picker (z focus picker).

Z focal picker

Green is all in focus , Blue  is out of focus (only for the foreground) and greyscale is out of focus). for the Z true Value it would be pink and white.




Four comp Zfixedge off


Z norrmalize

Four znormalize

 Z true Value

Four zTrueValue


You can also if you click on FG Defocus or Bg Defocus , use it like a mask and try to fix some issue or apply your methode too fix the little weird edge.


Bg Defocus

Four bg defocus2


FG Defocus Mask

 Four fg defocus


 The Z mode  is based on the resolution of your depth , most of the time is better to have the Depth in double resolution to avoid the edge issue ( the aliasing is not always the best solution even if it s cheeper )

so you can choose your depth resolution here (of course if the ratio is the same you can customize the depth resolution)


Render Z 1:1      depth resolution (1280*720)                                                                depth resolution Render Z 1:2 (2560*1440)

Render Beauty Z 1 1Render Beauty Z 2 1





i will made a video tutorial when i will have some time.

let me know if something going wrong for you i made that tool for movie and may be it s need some adjustent for your project ( but it most of the case it s work  normally.)


Z fix Edge BG-FG is a custom fix i made to try to avoid the issue when your blur somthing on the forground 

you have some couple of option tlike :


Mix Z fix Edge 

Z edge multiplier 

Size edge fix

Blur edge


Those fix are only working when your blur something on the foreground.


                Zfix edge off                                                                                       Z fix edge on

 Four comp Zfixedge off zoomFour comp Zfixedge on Zoom2


Z fix edge on

Disable focus help : It s too remove the color green and blue on the Z normalize view mode or the  pink color on the Z true value mode


Disable premult ( you can also to fix some issue when by exemple the Fg and the Bg are render separently , if you have something blured in foreground you can  by exmple merge th Bg ( remove the the alpha on the Bg) to the FG an premult the value to have better kind of mix.


Depth format

depth format

You can use  this tab only if the depth pass doesn t have the same resolution that the beauty.


The output format is your project format setting.


the Depth format is your depth resolution.


I will made a video to explain how to use it , what this gizmo can do or help you on your project.





Feel free to use it on non commercial or commercial project, if need it you can also contact me to improve this tool on your pipe .
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0 # Pavle Milicevic 2017-05-31 11:11
Some kind of videotutorial would be greatly helpful.
0 # Lesfauris Cedric 2017-05-31 11:43
Yes you right i will do , when i have some time ;)
0 # Lesfauris Cedric 2017-06-20 15:19
If you have some question don t hesitate to ask me.

0 # Lesfauris Cedric 2017-08-01 13:17
the new button Zpre Setup would be don t work in your clipboard because it s call some function missing on your nuke pipeline.

but no worries is not very important.
0 # muhammad owais 2017-10-11 11:22
]Yes we need video tutorial Please make that.. Thanks alot

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