Advance Cornerpin with multiple options v2.0

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Contributor: Sanjeev kumar
This Gizmo has multiple features to use the Cornerpin2D in way better, like single click animation in all 'to' or 'from', clear animation, Autocorner pin, copying animation from other Cornerpin2D node, Stabilize any frame, and Convert Gizmo back into default Cornerpin2D node.
12.0, 11.0, 10.5, 10.0, 9.0, 8.0, 7.1, 7.0 or later
Linux, Mac, Windows
28 Nov 2021

Updated V2.0


- Missing knob error: CornerPin2D1.copy_from_to 

- Now Default CornerPin2D will take the changes done in Node tab like label, font size etc.

- Now Copy from Cornerpin2d will also take the changes done in Node tab like label, font size etc.


S AdvanceCornerpin

S AdvanceCornerpin from

+ or - : Button's will add/remove key's

 Auto Corner: Works with the bbox. The size of the bbox will become the pin's for adjustment.

Clear animation: As the name suggests, will clear the animation from all 'to' / 'from'

Copy from Cornerpin2D: This will copy the Cornerpin2D node animation/changed values and paste in this node.

Stabilize this frame: This will Stabilize the current frame and make Cornerpin to use for Stabilizing the plate.

Default CornerPin2D: It will convert this gizmo back into default CornerPin2D node by keeping the changes.


toolbar = nuke.toolbar('Nodes')
toolbar.addCommand( 'My tools/S_AdvanceCornerpin', 'nuke.createNode('S_AdvanceCornerpin_v2')','e')



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0 # Norman Cates 2021-08-26 04:32
Hey ya. This seems like a badly needed refinement.

But when I open it, it has an error where the "Copy 'from' " and "Copy 'to' " buttons should be. it appears to be linked to a misnamed button on the internal corner pin.

The error is: Missing knob: CornerPin2D1.copy_from_to

If I change the relevant knob names in the User Knobs, then it seems to work...

Just FYI.

0 # Sanjeev Kumar Sharma 2021-11-28 08:18
Hey Norm,

Thank you for your valuable feedback, the error is fixed now with little more update.

- Sanjeev

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