blackbox - nuke backup tool v3.0

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Contributor: Simon Jokuschies
blackbox automatically creates a backup file of your current nuke script whenever you save. You can choose the backup location and how much backups you want to have per script. With that no data gets lost and you can always jump back to older versions.
7.0 or later
03 Feb 2015


Menue entry for showing all backups of the script including directly loading, previewing and deleting it. When you save your script a screenshot is also saved besides your script to better visualize which stage of work you where when you saved your script. This results in faster locating the desired backup if you need one.



Blackbox is a Python plugin which automatically creates backups of your current nuke scripts. Whenever you save a script a backup is saved in a backup folder. This is according to the setting on the same level of your current nuke script or in a global place for all Nuke scripts. The number of backups can be set arbitrarily. In a nutshell, with this plugin you can always jump back to older versions and nothing gets lost.

How to install blackbox

Download blackbox and copy it into your nuke home directory.
In your add this one line:
for more information visit:


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0 # Siddharth Saxena 2017-06-20 17:15
Not working in KDE Linux
0 # Thomas Vu 2019-01-16 04:10
could you update this script, its not work with 11.3 anymore
0 # C J 2022-12-10 10:14
NUKE13,NUKE14 .can not be used
0 # hossam galal 2024-01-27 18:14
nuke 13.2 not work anySolve

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