Call Updated Function v1.0

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Contributor: Andreas Frickinger
For lazy developers: Use this to update a module, which is edited externally. After reloading, this will call the given function out of the module
5.2, 6.0 or later
Linux, Mac, Windows
05 Jun 2010
This is ment for lazy developers ;-) ...

If you are working in an external editor to handle your Python scripts, this gives you a convenient possibility to reload the module you are currently working on and in the same step call the function you are editing.

When calling "callUpdatedFunctionPanel()" this will pop up a Panel, where you can put in your package, module and function(), you are working on. Executing will reload the module and execute the function. When reopening the Panel, variables still will be stored, so you test your function over and over again with just one click, without having the Nuke internal script editor being occupied.

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0 # deshu diosh 2012-08-23 18:08
I believe it worked once, and stopped later on... Is that possible somehow?
I cleared nuke cache, resterted pc, and still not working.

Does it work without problem for you guys?

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