dgRelativePathes v1.0

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Contributor: Den Gheiko
Website: gheiko.com
Automatic relative pathes
6.3 or later
19 Aug 2012


This script is destinated to simplify pipeline using Relative filenames instead of Absolute ones.

It may help you to transfer, archive data without any additional action. Just open the script and use.

I'm share this in beta mode for now. It's looked like it works fine but need testing. So any offers welcome.


1.  Automatic detection of the shot root folder on script load

2.. Automatic converting to relative pathes for new Read/Write nodes (if posible).

3. Automatic converting to relative pathes for pating Read/Write nodes (if possible)

4. Manual converting to relative pathes for selected nodes (if possible) Alt+R shortcut

5. Manual converting to absolute pathes for selected nodes. Ctrl+R shortcut

6. Copy nodes with absolute pathes. Ctrl+Alt+C. (For pasting to another shot)

7. Coloring Read nodes according to it Relative/Absolute state.



1. Add ReadGeo, Camera, AudioRead nodes

2. Manual indication of shot root folder for unpredictable cases

3. Ability to disable Relative Pathes in critical situations if happened.



1. Put dgRelativePathes folder to .nuke or any other specified plugin path
2. Add next line to your init.py   


 3. Specify your SCRIPT_ROOTNAME in dgRelativePathes/properties. Default is "work".


This parameter must be specified according to your pipeline
SCRIPT_ROOTNAME must to be a folder that is root for nukescripts and is located in root of the shot.

For example:


"TempNukeProject" is your shot root folder. 

"scripts" is a folder containing all your nuke scripts for this shot

For that case SCRIPT_ROOTNAME must to be "work" (Default)

After that toy can acces to shot folders like: ./result  ./source   ./work/art    ./vfx     etc.

It's helpfull to specify default folders for this pathes.


Hope it'd be helpfull.

You can use and modify this script without any restrictions Please if you modify the script and skill it up make me know
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0 # George Anison 2012-11-27 18:49
Many thanks! It works perfectly. Much better than the Project directory approach. I find this script a must for every colaborative environment.
0 # George Anison 2012-11-27 18:56
The only drawback I find is that the scripts will only work with this script installed. I think it would be better to use the Project Directory setting to set the base directory and look from there.
0 # Den Gheiko 2012-11-28 03:30
Thanks for the feedback, George
You are right about Project directory
You know I have already rewrote this script.
There are some pretty changes including you issue
But now it is a part of another tools and it is not so easy to post separate module to nukepedia
I will try to do that in future if there is need for it
0 # George Anison 2012-11-28 06:47
Hi Den, I think it would be great to post your revised script as well as any pipeline tool you can. Many thanks for your work.

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