nodeToggler v1.3

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Contributor: Gaurav Jaiswal
Toggle some common properties of nodes on or off on your demand.
8.0 or later
Mac, Windows
15 Feb 2016

The script allow to select the nodes you want and then toggle the selected nodes common properties on or off as you want.

For more information please refer to Readme text file.

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0 # Simon Jokuschies 2016-02-09 09:12
Hey Gaurav,
Nice and helpful script. I have some comments :-)

# As you use the nuke as well as the nukescripts module I would import them at the beginning of the module. Otherwise you could get some NameError.

# At the moment the script only searches for some inputs being inserted. By doing this manually you'll miss some common knobs (what about the mix knob or the label knob for exampmple). I would rather iterated through all nodes and save all common knobs in a list. Or even better make a UI in which the user can pick the knob / the knobs.

# the variable knob_name throws an Name Error (scope error - variable referenced before assignment) when the user inserts some knob name that doesn't exist.
0 # Gaurav Jaiswal 2016-02-09 20:39
Thanks for your feedback and guidance. I will definitely work on these issues and will post it soon!

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