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Contributor: mohanpugaz

3.09 Kb

Extractes the preffered color mattes from a multimatte (or) idpass from 3D Department using Expression node Will Work on R,G,B,Cyan,Magenta,Yellow,Black,White and Alpha

12 May 2015
Contributor: frank

2.82 Kb

bake all gizmos starting at a given level

09 May 2015
Contributor: sammy4k

25.21 Kb

Change value(s) and/or link knobs with the same names from selected nodes.

01 Apr 2015
Contributor: lamakaha

3.37 Kb

Create tracked Roto node from Tracker node

24 Mar 2015
Contributor: leafpictures

33.05 Kb

blackbox automatically creates a backup file of your current nuke script whenever you save. You can choose the backup location and how much backups you want to have per script. With that no data gets lost and you can always jump back to older versions.

03 Feb 2015
Contributor: EladTzemach1

4.38 Kb

Adds camera shake effect to your footage

17 Jan 2015
Contributor: esc4pe85

55.36 Kb

This script gives you the option to scan all read nodes or only the selected ones(still images or sequences, geo and cameras) in the nodegraph,and then search for the correct file path of each node. This is usefull if you moved your project directory into a new path, and as a result all your read nodes gives you an error due to the incorrect file path.

08 Nov 2014
Contributor: esc4pe85

1.79 Kb

This python script generates a set of nodes to project the selected frame from the selected camera, all of the nodes are grouped and their options exposed to simplify the use. A 'set this frame' button has been added. please contact me for suggestions, errors or help. Salvatore Carvelli

04 Nov 2014
Contributor: satheesh

2.05 Kb

This script extract selected roto shapes from selected roto, rotopaint node in nuke. Usually we use to do, copy the desired roto shapes and then create a new roto node and paste the shapes. If roto node contain baked tracker info, then we copy paste the entire roto node and then delete unwanted shape's from pasted roto node. I have created extractSelectedShapes script to make this process automatically. Tested several times and working with nuke 6, 7, 8 versions. This code also work with roto shapes imported from silhouette and mocha. for bugs and reports: [email protected]

02 Oct 2014
Contributor: ocman

6.36 Kb

In order to make a faster to process tree, this tool helps you crop out the unused area of your render passes. It makes use of CurveTool and Crop nodes.

30 Sep 2014
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