psd2 v1.0

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Uses meta-data from the incoming image stream to break a PSD files into layers, each layer is combined together with a PSDMerge node which emulates the blending modes, each layer is set in a card in 3D space.
7.0, 6.3 or later
Linux, Mac, Windows
06 Mar 2014

To use, please copy it into your ~/.nuke directory or in your NUKE_PATH.  Then add to your 'import psd2' or run 'import psd2' from the script editor.  After you've done that you should see a new top level menu called 'PSD'.  Under that there are two options.  Create 3D scene - creates cards and a 3D scene with a NoOp and a slider to control the z spacing.   Create 2.5D scene - creates 'Card3D' nodes rather than a 3D scene, but still has the zspacing slider. The reason for the two modes is that when using 2.5D you will get the benefit of the blending modes matching Photoshop.  In full 3D you lose control of the blending modes ( essentially it just does an 'over' ).

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0 # dong chenghao 2021-04-09 14:06
How should I use this script, he prompts me "name psd2 is not defined"

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