ReTransform v1.0

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Contributor: Daniel Hartlehnert
ReTransform converts translation data from one resolution to another resolution. Works with Transforms, Trackers and Conerpins.
10.0, 6.3 or later
Linux, Mac, Windows
28 Sep 2017

I found this useful when tracking on highres footage but doing the compositing on a
lower res version. Using ReTransform, you can re-calculate your tracking data for any
other resolution.

- Connect the node you want to convert to the ReTransform input.
- Set the original resolution
- Set the output resolution
- Hit 'ReTransform!'

If you had a Tracker node connected upstream, you will get a new Transform node which holds the transformation
data from the Tracker, but now converted to the new resolution.

Does NOT work for expression linked data. You have to bake it first.

I haven't tested this in any other versions then the ones specified, but it should generally work
in any Nuke version from 6.3 upwards.


Place the files and in your .nuke folder.

Add these lines to your

import dh_rtgui'Nodes').addCommand('User/dh_ReTransform', dh_rtgui.RTGui, '')

ReTransform will appear as an entry in a 'User' category in the Nodes bar. You can replace 'User' with anything you like.

Contact me in case you have any questions or bug reports.

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0 # Johannes Masanz 2017-09-29 05:32
Nice idea! :)

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