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Contributor: kogukas

0.34 Kb

Useful for CPU rendering users, who are tired of GPU glitches, produced on CPU machines

10 Feb 2021
Contributor: Badger

0.82 Kb

Add nodes and make them not-renderable by adding 'dr_' in front of the name. Useful for charts, text nodes, etc.

21 Sep 2010
Contributor: leafpictures

27.92 Kb

render out frame range with increment steps. Good for checking the overall animation of the comp without having to render every frame, so you'll get faster feedback.

18 Aug 2014
Contributor: rameshbabuvfx

18.87 Kb

The RecentRedners tool displays all recently rendered shots.

30 Jul 2021
Contributor: ravi79

1.60 Kb

In this code, a new directory called 'rendered_script' will be created within the output folder, and the Nuke script will be saved in that directory as a separate file with the same name. The code handles the creation of the directory if it doesn't exist. Please replace the previous code with this in your file. The 'Render and Save Script' button will now save the Nuke script as a separate file in the 'rendered_script' directory within the output folder.

12 Jul 2023
Contributor: binzbnuke

373.11 Kb

This tool will detecting the error of upstream node of writenode selected to Deadline (这个脚本会检测提交到Deadline渲染时的错误)

05 Jul 2019
Contributor: giorgiopitino

5.06 Kb

Render Control lets you keep your script responsive while working with disabled nodes or low samples settings.

31 Jan 2021
Contributor: DBB

48.42 Kb

This is a Nuke 11 updated version of a script by Jep Hill (tested on windows). v2.2 - Updated to work on Nuke 11 v2.1 - This updates the default 'render selected' behavior to render all write nodes in the selection and ignore the others (rather than fail). v2.1 - Now works properly with EXRs when autocrop is selected. (Hat tip to Marty Blumen for finding this bug) v2.0 - Now adds very efficient and selective output directory verification and creation to interactive and background renders. v1.0 - 'skip existing frames' functionality only works for interactive renders still however, the dialoge box behavior has been improved so it won't show as an option for background renders.

21 Dec 2018
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