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Contributor: nofxboy1234

15.26 Kb

This is the tabtabtab tool that Ben Dickson made (http://www.nukepedia.com/python-scripts/ui/tabtabtab/), with a few small changes to the code to make it work for Nuke 6.2. I tested it with Nuke 6.2v1 and it works. It may work for older versions too.

02 Mar 2012
Contributor: mrhowardjones

5.43 Kb

creates presets for viewer input. Updated with Auto Shuffle and HSV

19 May 2013
Contributor: frank

24.28 Kb

A panel to keep track of tasks for a shot

23 Mar 2021
Contributor: David Emeny

20.67 Kb

Generate ease curves and wave expressions with just a right-click on any animatable value in Nuke. Live animating previews in dialog.

04 Jul 2021
Contributor: bend

24.87 Kb

Allows you to quickly bind keyboard shortcuts to existing menu items without writing Python code

17 Aug 2021
Contributor: falk.hofmann

12.53 Kb

Easy way of changing layer inside the viewer.

11 Oct 2021
Contributor: leafpictures

39.42 Kb

zooom is a handy tool to quickly jump from one part of your script to another part. is kind of an advanced bookmark system. If you have a huge nuke tree and need to jump between different locations than this one is for you. update v05: - own menu bar commands in 'Scripts/zooom' - several shortcuts to make navigating a lot faster. - quick panel (Shift+0) to quickly switch between locations

25 Mar 2015
Contributor: borisignjatovic

1.82 Kb

Node preset is a handy script that saves your node parameters in presets.

18 Feb 2014
Contributor: leafpictures

4.04 Kb

dockable panel for displaying all nodes in your script that have errors. Missing frames of footage will be also recognized. You can also write out a .txt file containing all errors. It's useful to run errorReport before every render to make sure the current nuke script to render doesn't have any errors.

19 May 2014
Contributor: leafpictures

30.55 Kb

Plugin manager for nuke similar to the plugin manager in maya - decide which scripts you like to load when nuke launches. Improves the clarity in the user menus and reduces nuke's loading times.

27 May 2014
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