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Contributor: marcoromeo

3.83 Kb

This gizmo unwraps an image along a UV space. In practical terms it allows you to draw something on top of a frame and convert it to a texture that can be remapped using the STMap along a whole animation. The gizmo contains a BlinkScript node that implements the computation kernel on the GPU.

26 May 2014
Contributor: malu05

16.53 Kb

4D Noise Generator (Based on image values)

22 Oct 2021
Contributor: MatteHue

6.07 Kb

A replica of the after effects beam effect. Fires a beam from A to B with 3D perspective

07 May 2016
Contributor: MatteHue

18.92 Kb

Draws lines that can be dashed, animated and customised.

04 Jul 2016
Contributor: xavinitram

7.21 Kb

Generates a waveform graph from an input image.

17 Apr 2017
Contributor: falk.hofmann

5.11 Kb

a zoomable Mandelbrot fractal

03 Sep 2017
Contributor: xmjtx

80.00 Kb

Convert 3D data passes. Included P2N (PositionToNormal), P2Z (PositionToDepth), Z2N (DepthToNormal), Z2P (DepthToPosition), and Ncam2Nscr (Normal camera to Normal screen space), and ConvertPNZ (self conversion)

27 Nov 2020
Contributor: cronosuno

8.84 Kb

Simple and easy to use Blink Script node that generates a DOTS pattern.

22 Apr 2020
Contributor: mlavoy

43,303.60 Kb

Generated painterly brushstroke particle effect using world position.

27 Oct 2022

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