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Contributor: marcoromeo

3.83 Kb

This gizmo unwraps an image along a UV space. In practical terms it allows you to draw something on top of a frame and convert it to a texture that can be remapped using the STMap along a whole animation. The gizmo contains a BlinkScript node that implements the computation kernel on the GPU.

26 May 2014
Contributor: malu05

11.59 Kb

4D Noise Generator (Based on image values)

21 Mar 2016
Contributor: MatteHue

6.07 Kb

A replica of the after effects beam effect. Fires a beam from A to B with 3D perspective

07 May 2016
Contributor: MatteHue

18.92 Kb

Draws lines that can be dashed, animated and customised.

04 Jul 2016
Contributor: xavinitram

7.21 Kb

Generates a waveform graph from an input image.

17 Apr 2017
Contributor: falk.hofmann

5.11 Kb

a zoomable Mandelbrot fractal

03 Sep 2017

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