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Contributor: fuzzymango

7.91 Kb

This Python script takes looks at the selected read node and sets the project full-size format, aspect ratio, and frame range to that of the read node. If the full-size format does not exist in the current user's list of formats, it prompts the user to name the new format before setting the project settings. Useful when first creating a script and you want to quickly set your project settings.

24 Mar 2020
Contributor: jeangjenq

6.75 Kb

Set project directory and automatically swap out the file paths to relative if you already have file knobs in your script.

25 Mar 2018
Contributor: rsgca

3.42 Kb

Prompts the user for received and deliverable handle ranges on the selected read node to calculate project frame range

28 Nov 2013
Contributor: nfrancisj

2.62 Kb

A simple python script that modifies the 'Link To' menu in the 'Animation' menu of a selected 'Roto/RotoShape' shape.

18 Mar 2019
Contributor: satheesh

2.89 Kb

shuffleAlpha python script

28 Jan 2013
Contributor: esc4pe85

55.36 Kb

This script gives you the option to scan all read nodes or only the selected ones(still images or sequences, geo and cameras) in the nodegraph,and then search for the correct file path of each node. This is usefull if you moved your project directory into a new path, and as a result all your read nodes gives you an error due to the incorrect file path.

08 Nov 2014
Contributor: esc4pe85

1.79 Kb

This python script generates a set of nodes to project the selected frame from the selected camera, all of the nodes are grouped and their options exposed to simplify the use. A 'set this frame' button has been added. please contact me for suggestions, errors or help. Salvatore Carvelli

04 Nov 2014
Contributor: masky007

15.68 Kb

1. Turns OFF and ON the motionblur for: ScanlineRenders, Transforms, TransformMasked, Trackers, CornerPin, VectorBlurs, DirectionalBlurs, MotionBlur, and RealSmartMotionblur nodes. 2. Depending if you have selected nodes or not - it will only affect the selection, or the whole comp 3. Stores values in your .nk file so you can save, and reopen your comp later, and turn OFF/ON the motionblur 4. Works with animated values 5. Colorcode the nodes that are affected by the script 6. Excludes 'undo' command in nuke for changes made by the script, to prevent logical errors

17 Nov 2016
Contributor: diogoadmin

1.98 Kb

Splits the current select node's layers into nodes

20 Jun 2010
Contributor: stormstudios

1.01 Kb

Decorator function to increase speed of nodes with 'heavy' custom callbacks.

25 Nov 2015
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