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Contributor: mohanpugaz

4.73 Kb

Two Simple tools to automate some cornerpin workflow.

07 May 2017
Contributor: Darren

7.14 Kb

AOV selector will show you all your layers grouped into convenient lists from anywhere within your script, and allow you to search, view, and work with them.

04 Apr 2017
Contributor: [email protected]

12,787.56 Kb

To be coordinated your team work,we will cooperation into united front

30 Mar 2017
Contributor: mborgo

5.75 Kb

This script will generate a single 2D transform node (CornerPin) from a group of several transforms.

01 Mar 2017
Contributor: vierDee

5.18 Kb

This script will create a renderable spline overlay, similar to the overlay in the viewer.

11 Oct 2016
Contributor: alexander055

9.20 Kb

This script allow you to list neatly all your passes embedded in your exr image.

02 Aug 2016
Contributor: fxtor

16.25 Kb

This script loops through all selected nodes and checks if the node has a file knob. If a file knob is present, the path will be opened in the OS file manager/browser. The user will be notified if nothing is selected or if the user does not select any nodes that have an existing file-path. If a selected node has a nonexistent path, this will be printed in the script editor, and the script will continue to process the next selected node. All paths are tested for an existing file. However, due to rendered files being frequently opened and deleted, write nodes only test for an existing directory.

09 Jul 2016
Contributor: fxtor

18.19 Kb

Relinker is a Nuke tool for relinking footage automatically. It was developed to be used in a small independent film production environment where artists would typically work off their hard drives on multiple locations with different computers. The Nuke scripts we worked with at the time generally had a lot of different read nodes. Instead of losing time relinking nodes manually, we wrote this Python tool to automate the task. Video demonstration: https://vimeo.com/103858180

09 Jul 2016
Contributor: fredrik

13.68 Kb

Generate Read node(s) from selected Write node(s). Supports filepaths with expressions.

08 Jun 2016
Contributor: Mad007

2.41 Kb

Easy to use script to automatically create the camera projection set up, nice to have in big projects with lots of projections.

05 Apr 2016
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