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Contributor: fxtor

16.25 Kb

This script loops through all selected nodes and checks if the node has a file knob. If a file knob is present, the path will be opened in the OS file manager/browser. The user will be notified if nothing is selected or if the user does not select any nodes that have an existing file-path. If a selected node has a nonexistent path, this will be printed in the script editor, and the script will continue to process the next selected node. All paths are tested for an existing file. However, due to rendered files being frequently opened and deleted, write nodes only test for an existing directory.

09 Jul 2016
Contributor: fredrik

13.68 Kb

Generate Read node(s) from selected Write node(s). Supports filepaths with expressions.

08 Jun 2016
Contributor: Mad007

2.41 Kb

Easy to use script to automatically create the camera projection set up, nice to have in big projects with lots of projections.

05 Apr 2016
Contributor: satheesh

3.13 Kb

1.5: Added colorspace selection function. Tested nuke 8.0, 9.0+. refined the script from older version. 1.4: Added channel selection function. Hi nuker's finally found a solution for our long time wish and expectation. Now you can save image from the viewer. Like eyeon fusion and other application.

01 Apr 2016
Contributor: kgaurav

6.54 Kb

Toggle some common properties of nodes on or off on your demand.

15 Feb 2016
Contributor: stormstudios

1.01 Kb

Decorator function to increase speed of nodes with 'heavy' custom callbacks.

25 Nov 2015
Contributor: clay

4.94 Kb

python script to add additional information to the Read Node's label such as resolution, frame range, offset etc.

11 Oct 2015
Contributor: leafpictures

28.27 Kb

autocrop function with option to select the channels and the frame range to analyse.

31 Jul 2015
Contributor: egbert

4.34 Kb

Get a 4x4 Transform Matrix of an animated Cornerpin2D node for a selected frame range.

18 Jul 2015
Contributor: pf_world

11.79 Kb

This script will take all the files being referenced inside of your comp and copy them to a specified directory. A copy of the nuke script will then be added to this directory with all the file paths set to relative file paths. This means that the nuke script can be opened successfully, regardless of where the folder ends up being transferred to.

18 May 2015
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