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Contributor: nuki

8.48 Kb

A method to restore antialiased edges damaged by image filtering

17 May 2018
Contributor: xavinitram

15.37 Kb

This tool is an advanced variation on the God Rays node. It creates volumetric lighting effects with more realism. It supports soft and diffused light rays created by area lights and volumetric lights. It supports Nuke 3D Cameras, Point Lights and Axis to have a better control of the direction of the illumination.

14 Nov 2017
Contributor: rainbowrama

37.17 Kb

Blinkscript powered Z-Defocus to handle astigmatism, cat-eye occlusion, chromatic aberration.

28 Jan 2023
Contributor: Plemouss

17.97 Kb

This is a tool that creates brushstrokes following 3D informations (camera, pworld and nworld) to orient properly. It is still very unstable and experimental. (I'm not that confident with coding in blinkscript and I think I hit the limitations of it there...). Works on my computer GPU is : nvidia GTX 1070 ADVICE : disable blink cache in the preferences (hardware tab)

06 Nov 2022
Contributor: mapoga

59.51 Kb

SSAO - Screen Space Ambient Occlusion Input: - World-space Position - World-space Normal - Camera Not anti-aliased Implemented in BlinkScript. Based on this OpenGL ressource.

31 Aug 2021
Contributor: josh76

1.00 Kb

A simple rank filter operation created in blink

14 Jun 2021
Contributor: psor

3.04 Kb

UVProject get rid of the UDIMS values offsetting the UVMap and does what a STMap node does in Blink

10 Apr 2021
Contributor: ploraco

4.93 Kb

Fast approximation of the Median usable on large areas

01 Oct 2020
Contributor: xavinitram

11.61 Kb

Advanced Sharpening and Softening filter. This GPU accelerated filter preserves colours, avoid negative lobes and creates minimal ringing and banding on edges.

08 Aug 2020
Contributor: rGray

170.29 Kb

Blink version of nukes DirBlur but with further capabilities involving applying radial, zoom and linear blurs all at once on individual channels.

24 Jul 2020
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