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Contributor: M-Mamdouh

1.53 Kb

Converts the colorspace between Alexa.rec709 and logC.

17 Aug 2022
Contributor: rmross

34.44 Kb

This Gizmo helps you to quickly create a grade node that matches colors from source footage to target footage. Can be used to quickly and roughly match the grade from one shot to another.

17 Oct 2023
Contributor: linandre

2.35 Kb

simple gizmo series (sg) by andre hue rotation in nuke that work like hue rotation in photoshop. works well to aid in boosting color, change color or dramatically change color of some subjects hope it will assist you as well as it has assisted me, feel free to contact me regarding of issues, cheers

19 Nov 2020
Contributor: Sergey.Krivohatskiy

0.65 Kb

A simple guizmo for image binarization(transforming rgb or grayscale image to black/white image) based on local luminance

16 May 2016
Contributor: fynnay

19.10 Kb

A 'mix luminance' slider - but for any node.

30 Mar 2020
Contributor: seargeantcompsley

2.68 Kb

Your plate is clipped and you need pingy highlights.

09 Jan 2020
Contributor: Sudhishks12

3.29 Kb

Skin color Matcher is normally a Node combined from a group of Nodes which many of us have already used in different ways .basically it gives the input color of the subject to the comp plate . This can be used for multiple Beauty cleanup shots which requires Clean plate tracking and shots which have a lot of Color correction to make.Motion Blur and Defocus have been included so that abnormality can been masked out . Unpremultiply the premultiplied comp plate to get more accurate out The Tracker and the Smart vector path are for applying motion blur to comp plate by connecting it with the particular 2D Point Tracker and Smart vector then click the respective box from the properties tab to enable the kind of tracker used in the shot .

19 Sep 2023
Contributor: ligones

74,809.53 Kb

False color to view

18 May 2022
Contributor: rinzler

5.64 Kb

Extract luma or Chroma from your plate.

21 Apr 2021
Contributor: vitek

13.90 Kb

Color mapping tool, perform color transform based on MacBeth primaries, includes chart overlay with expected colors.

10 Mar 2013
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