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Contributor: M-Mamdouh

6.11 Kb

Fixing Aces blue neon colors, Red lights in RED cameras, Red and blue lights in Blackmagic.. etc.

23 May 2024
Contributor: _1E

25.15 Kb

Blendspill was created to get rid of those edges we all know when you're working on a green or blue screen. It was designed to be as non-destructive as possible, so no edge extend, push, or blur. Instead, it uses the spill and background information. It's like an Image Based spill to color that uses the BG

10 Apr 2024
Contributor: M-Mamdouh

1.53 Kb

Converts the colorspace between Alexa.rec709 and logC.

06 Apr 2024
Contributor: Lundy

10.89 Kb

You can get the color format you want for nuke or html, including hex, decimal, float. (Convert rgb to hex or hex to rgb.)

28 Aug 2022
Contributor: aitor10995

11.43 Kb

Make relights of our footage without needed any render passes. It's especially useful when we try to illuminate smoke or atmospheric elements. An important thing is to adjust the amount of emboss well, depending on the incident light it will have to be negative or positive. we can also adjust the smoothness of our emboss. I hope you liked it.

09 Apr 2022
Contributor: xmjtx

5.44 Kb

Provide more options on Gamma math. Make contrast more easier in color integration. Break the boundary of default Gamma method.

14 Sep 2020
Contributor: Fidelis

20.81 Kb

Nuke implementation for 2D Gradients. Create an arbitrary number of color-samples in 2D and produce a smooth, natural interpolation over the entire image.

28 Oct 2019
Contributor: KelSolaar

8.65 Kb

Implementation of various Global Tonemapping Operators

25 Nov 2018
Contributor: alexander055

8.32 Kb

This Gizmo allowing a simpler way to manage your exr color manipulation. You can directly change your passes throught in affecting your input, without creating shuffle nodes, or adding from and plus merge nodes.

10 Dec 2016
Contributor: Sergey.Krivohatskiy

0.65 Kb

A simple guizmo for image binarization(transforming rgb or grayscale image to black/white image) based on local luminance

16 May 2016
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