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Contributor: Lundy

10.89 Kb

You can get the color format you want for nuke or html, including hex, decimal, float. (Convert rgb to hex or hex to rgb.)

28 Aug 2022
Contributor: M-Mamdouh

1.53 Kb

Converts the colorspace between Alexa.rec709 and logC.

17 Aug 2022
Contributor: ankush-tg

5.21 Kb

AG_Despill is an advance toolset with simple handling that allows you to remove green / blue despill completely. also gives seprate control over tint, saturation, and gain or else you can completely change color you want, also you can have control over mix values.

02 Aug 2022
Contributor: finnschi

0.33 Kb

Simple and Quick way to whitebalance your shots, based on OCIOCDL node

23 May 2022
Contributor: brunokhe

1.79 Kb

LumiMatch can match the change in Color from your Bagground Plate on a surface. Great for Logo, tattoo or all other surface placement/Replacement can even handle moving shadows. When you have perfectly remove the logo from the wall, but the change in light reveals your patch. You fixed it with the curvetool, But theres a moving shadow acroos your patch, so you have to roto the shadow and add a grade. Fuck this. use LumiMatch. Connect your patch to B, your ORG plate to Color, Set refference frame and use the detail blur to get the perfect amount of detail.

19 May 2022
Contributor: ligones

74,809.53 Kb

False color to view

18 May 2022
Contributor: Ebite

11.18 Kb

ekaGradient is the equivalent of Photoshop’s color gradient or Colorama in After Effects, something I’ve always missed working with Nuke. It can be used by creating a color gradient to change the image, as well as it can be used for other uses such as keying.

13 May 2022
Contributor: aitor10995

11.43 Kb

Make relights of our footage without needed any render passes. It's especially useful when we try to illuminate smoke or atmospheric elements. An important thing is to adjust the amount of emboss well, depending on the incident light it will have to be negative or positive. we can also adjust the smoothness of our emboss. I hope you liked it.

09 Apr 2022
Contributor: gavdalf

1.39 Kb

**updated version 2.2** Now has additional controls for format and you can now control the intensity of the false colour effect. 'False Color' or 'Helper' filters (similar to those used in photoshop) to help match plates colour, luminosity and saturation. Place after final merge then grades target upstream using the helper filters to match colour, tone and value.

16 Sep 2021
Contributor: marcomeyerVFX

26.71 Kb

Matches colors of two input images or neutralizes to a reference colorspace target using one of the common color charts (eg. MacBeth ColorChecker)

06 Jun 2021
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