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Contributor: _1E

25.15 Kb

Blendspill was created to get rid of those edges we all know when you're working on a green or blue screen. It was designed to be as non-destructive as possible, so no edge extend, push, or blur. Instead, it uses the spill and background information. It's like an Image Based spill to color that uses the BG

10 Apr 2024
Contributor: M-Mamdouh

1.53 Kb

Converts the colorspace between Alexa.rec709 and logC.

06 Apr 2024
Contributor: ktonini

4.22 Kb

Easily load and preview multiple LUTs

29 Feb 2024
Contributor: rmross

34.44 Kb

This Gizmo helps you to quickly create a grade node that matches colors from source footage to target footage. Can be used to quickly and roughly match the grade from one shot to another.

17 Oct 2023
Contributor: Sudhishks12

3.29 Kb

Skin color Matcher is normally a Node combined from a group of Nodes which many of us have already used in different ways .basically it gives the input color of the subject to the comp plate . This can be used for multiple Beauty cleanup shots which requires Clean plate tracking and shots which have a lot of Color correction to make.Motion Blur and Defocus have been included so that abnormality can been masked out . Unpremultiply the premultiplied comp plate to get more accurate out The Tracker and the Smart vector path are for applying motion blur to comp plate by connecting it with the particular 2D Point Tracker and Smart vector then click the respective box from the properties tab to enable the kind of tracker used in the shot .

19 Sep 2023
Contributor: Joserra Lastras

6.72 Kb

With just 3 clicks and a couple of sliders we will get the despill we need and also we can avoid hard lines in edges. Easy and fast.

06 Apr 2023
Contributor: ashu11994

13.75 Kb


14 Mar 2023
Contributor: Lundy

10.89 Kb

You can get the color format you want for nuke or html, including hex, decimal, float. (Convert rgb to hex or hex to rgb.)

28 Aug 2022
Contributor: ankush-tg

5.21 Kb

AG_Despill is an advance toolset with simple handling that allows you to remove green / blue despill completely. also gives seprate control over tint, saturation, and gain or else you can completely change color you want, also you can have control over mix values.

02 Aug 2022
Contributor: finnschi

0.33 Kb

Simple and Quick way to whitebalance your shots, based on OCIOCDL node

23 May 2022
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