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Contributor: milkey

3.72 Kb

Fill Light is a simple and effective image tone mapping tool. Works on any type of image: 8bit, 16bit, 32bit (exr, hdr).

16 May 2011
Contributor: aitor10995

11.43 Kb

Make relights of our footage without needed any render passes. It's especially useful when we try to illuminate smoke or atmospheric elements. An important thing is to adjust the amount of emboss well, depending on the incident light it will have to be negative or positive. we can also adjust the smoothness of our emboss. I hope you liked it.

12 Feb 2021
Contributor: andorzahonyi

5.05 Kb

Color matte for Red, Green, Blue, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black, White and where there is any colour information.

15 Feb 2012
Contributor: linandre

2.35 Kb

simple gizmo series (sg) by andre hue rotation in nuke that work like hue rotation in photoshop. works well to aid in boosting color, change color or dramatically change color of some subjects hope it will assist you as well as it has assisted me, feel free to contact me regarding of issues, cheers

19 Nov 2020
Contributor: alexander055

8.32 Kb

This Gizmo allowing a simpler way to manage your exr color manipulation. You can directly change your passes throught in affecting your input, without creating shuffle nodes, or adding from and plus merge nodes.

10 Dec 2016
Contributor: arthurm

6.97 Kb

Analyze a footage with changing light conditions and dynamically equalize a static image to those lighting variations

13 Sep 2018
Contributor: milsteinben

2.95 Kb

Converts rgb images to CMYK values and back.

25 Apr 2019
Contributor: CameronC

3.80 Kb

This gizmo is a simple way to Pump up the Colors on a plate for easier keying using different expressions.

23 Apr 2015
Contributor: chasn

1.85 Kb

Adds 'vibrance' to an image by boosting saturation in less-saturated areas. Adjust threshold, vibrance, & mix sliders to taste to give your final renders a little 'kick'.

27 Feb 2014
Contributor: chetalvfx

0.52 Kb

Using the nColorama Gizmo, you can subtly tint an image or radically change its color palette.

15 Jul 2015
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