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Contributor: herbert_muda

8.92 Kb

Magic key is based on the IBK philosophy but without any alpha. This is like an additive keyer. You can add the desired zones through a merge 'Copy' node. I added a checkbox to get out the Multiply layer as a Rough Alpha channel ^^

28 Nov 2021
Contributor: spoon48

4.85 Kb

Little Gizmo that creates an IBK-Node-Stack with an exponential increase of the 'patch black' knob. added a useful mask and stencil input aswell. In cooperation with Pascal Schober Let me know what you think! :)

23 Aug 2021
Contributor: alexander055

12.90 Kb

A tool that allows you to make your green screen / blue screen even and without imperfection

16 May 2021
Contributor: fxtor

10.61 Kb

Nukes default Keyer with added functionality of masking off the key and keying on different colorspaces for a better luma-keying results.

06 May 2021
Contributor: rinzler

4.43 Kb

A simple range keyer tool.

21 Apr 2021
Contributor: fuzzymango

8.92 Kb

A 2D keyer that plots chroma information as a point cloud on the x and y axis. Allows the user the draw a roto shape around the pixels they want to key. Tested in Nuke 11.x but should be functional in any versions of Nuke which have BlinkScript. Video tutorial for the PointCloudKeyer: For more information read about this node on my blog:

24 Mar 2021
Contributor: fxtor

3.30 Kb

Chroma keyer to isolate for example skin colors

14 Oct 2020
Contributor: owljones

3.14 Kb

CheckmatteV4 is a gizmo that will let you check your rotos/mattes. Now with more options.

27 Sep 2020
Contributor: KoLt__Real

11.75 Kb

Screen cleaner which removes folds or soft shadows on green/blue screens which may disturb your keying.

15 Mar 2020
Contributor: philhub

25.70 Kb

Gizmo that generates mask from point position pass. It has offset, rotate, non-uniform spread parameters and ability to generate cube or sphere. This new version has curve to control the shape of the gradient/feather as well as modify the spread according to the negative or positive values. (see animated gif)

27 Feb 2020
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