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Contributor: shrimo

0.83 Kb

Edit the metadata tags and the path to the date file.

11 Jun 2018
Contributor: quister

1.64 Kb

Simplifies using sequentially-numbered ASCII files from disk in a Text node.

29 Oct 2010
Contributor: Shuvo

0.52 Kb

We are always straggling, when someone share Nuke script. We have to relink all the missing read file manually. we can do this using nuke 'search and replace' from node menu. But before do this, you have to select all the read file. If you use this code you don't need to select all the read file, it will automatic do this. This python code helped you doing this job. If you share your old location and new location ,then this script auto replace your all the read file old file path to new path. watch Demo video for better understanding.

02 Jun 2021
Contributor: Minatory

3.86 Kb

This script automatically imports 4 ascii track files into nuke in form of animated CornerPin with changeable reference frame setting.

17 Feb 2017
Contributor: tiniii

5.44 Kb

For setting up rendering different language or color versions faster. Not sure if work with older Nuke or Other Platforms. I only tested under Windows, but i think it will work because the script doesn't have any fancy function.

16 Nov 2013
Contributor: henrietta

2.52 Kb

Export the Featuretracks of Nuke's CameraTracker Node into a txt file

28 Jul 2019
Contributor: frank

2.14 Kb

adds an export tab to F_Align to export corner pins

27 Mar 2016
Contributor: thexdan

3.90 Kb

Tool for making half-rez proxies of mediaimage sequences in a script. Appends proxy paths to selected Read and Write nodes in the script or all Read and Write nodes if no none are selected. It creates reformats and write nodes. Our in house version submits these to the render farm and it should be fairly easy to hook this up should you wish to do so. Tested on Linux but should work fine on Windows or OSX.

17 Jun 2015
Contributor: tdlockard

2.67 Kb

Send selected nodes to an artist quickly and easily using a predefined email account.

04 Sep 2015
Contributor: maxvanleeuwen

2.70 Kb

Read ZEISS lens data files to a Nuke node. Adds supplementary features to ZEISS' own plugin (e.g. animated curves for data like focus distance, works on all versions of Nuke).

13 Feb 2019
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