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Contributor: Dimitre91

2.83 Kb

Read from node is a python script that allows you to create a read node from a write node or any other node that has a readable 'file' field. It works for mov's and sequences and also automatically adapts to the correct frame padding.

21 Dec 2016
Contributor: Cequinel

11,867.11 Kb

Create a new script based on the footage informations.

28 Aug 2021
Contributor: mborgo

9.19 Kb

This script will import open shapes with stroke width from Silhouette Roto and Paint

19 Apr 2012
Contributor: leafpictures

30.43 Kb

capture is a nuke python script to share node setups and images with other users and run them synchronized on several machines.

07 Aug 2014
Contributor: AlPustika

63.91 Kb

RotoMaya - Tool for export rough masks from maya to nuke without rendering. Soft: Maya, Nuke, Windows

26 Nov 2015
Contributor: leafpictures

39.83 Kb

convert any read node to its correct input node. This ensures that you can simply drag and drop all files from your explorer to your node graph and and automatically convert to the correct input read node. Works with deep exr, abc, fbx, obj

24 Jun 2016
Contributor: pushkarevalexandr

2.24 Kb

Allows you to create gizmos just by dropping .gizmo files directly in Nuke's node graph

14 Sep 2022
Contributor: borisignjatovic

1.57 Kb

Read Mult Geo opens your FBX files and sets default working environment for 3d compositing.

27 Nov 2013
Contributor: Shuvo

6.15 Kb

Presenting my latest creation: a bespoke Python script tailored for home project pipelines. This tool simplifies tasks such as automatically generating v000 scripts based on shot names, creating essential folders, and adjusting project settings seamlessly. Utilizing the write_helper gizmo I developed facilitates rendering with minimal input required. Furthermore, my TechCHECK Helper Tools offer QC solutions for added convenience. I'm excited to share this resource with the community, confident it will enhance efficiency and productivity for home-based projects. A Free Pipeline tools for INDE Artist.

09 Apr 2024
Contributor: nara

1.03 Kb

Render the selected WriteNodes with frame range from the top ReadNode of each three.

23 Jan 2015
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