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Contributor: [email protected]

19,662.33 Kb

Free panel for The Foundry’s Nuke that improves the import/export of the scripts, or parts of them, using Groups

11 Dec 2023
Contributor: Kapinat

4.96 Kb

ClipboardPaste Everything NUKE

28 Jun 2023
Contributor: Cescemre

3.95 Kb

This script allows you to do an automatic reload of the frame range of a Read based on the file path. This is the version for the normal path, if you are interested in knowing the version for the path with TCL, go to my other script Reload_Read_Ranges

26 Jun 2023
Contributor: Shuvo

6.15 Kb

Presenting my latest creation: a bespoke Python script tailored for home project pipelines. This tool simplifies tasks such as automatically generating v000 scripts based on shot names, creating essential folders, and adjusting project settings seamlessly. Utilizing the write_helper gizmo I developed facilitates rendering with minimal input required. Furthermore, my TechCHECK Helper Tools offer QC solutions for added convenience. I'm excited to share this resource with the community, confident it will enhance efficiency and productivity for home-based projects. A Free Pipeline tools for INDE Artist.

09 Apr 2024
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