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Contributor: pushkarevalexandr

12.96 Kb

Creates the same menu with Cattery gizmos in Nuke13, as Nuke14 creates automatically

11 Feb 2023
Contributor: The_MatriX

3,249.48 Kb

The script calculates the time spent on the shot

12 Jan 2023
Contributor: Lundy

1.12 Kb

Quickly open the current project directory or the file knob directory of the selected node.

27 Oct 2022
Contributor: leafpictures

3,655.52 Kb

The default plugin is a visual approach to let you create knob defaults inside Foundry’s Nuke on the fly without the need to write and maintain any line of code. It contains the default main window which lets you create, edit and delete knob defaults and bundle them in preset lists that can be imported and exported and thus be shared with other artists.

17 Aug 2022
Contributor: cglukas

2.61 Kb

Editing scriptknobs inside Nuke is a nightmare. Especially if you want to convert your old python 2 gizmos. This script enables you to edit any scriptknob inside PyCharm Community (a free IDE).

01 Aug 2022
Contributor: jordanboulais

16.54 Kb

Usually when using the spline warp node, you have to go trough all the previous key frames of the source shape and replace the destination shape points. This script create a controller shape on wich you can add independent key frames.

02 Jul 2022
Contributor: fxtor

20.74 Kb

This script loops through all selected nodes and checks if the node has a file knob. If a file knob is present, the path will be opened in the OS file manager/browser. The user will be notified if nothing is selected or if the user does not select any nodes that have an existing file-path. If a selected node has a nonexistent path, this will be printed in the script editor, and the script will continue to process the next selected node. All paths are tested for an existing file. However, due to rendered files being frequently opened and deleted, write nodes only test for an existing directory.

12 Jun 2022
Contributor: jishon

2.68 Kb

You can create custom backdrop using this script, There is some presets for label and you can add different label in custom label input area. and you can change font size for the label also.

26 Apr 2022
Contributor: jishon

0.85 Kb

For copying animation data from Tracker node to Roto Node. It will copy Trasform,rotation.scale and center point animatons into Roto node and also it will create a blur node along with the roto

26 Apr 2022
Contributor: jishon

2.55 Kb

This Script creates a corner pin node and auto arrange pins according with the selected node's alpha channel.

24 Apr 2022
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