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Contributor: rlopes

5.57 Kb

A combination of Shuffle nodes to return an alpha channel with Stencil and Mask integrated!

30 Mar 2018
Contributor: alexander055

9.43 Kb

This gizmo allow to premultiply your RGB correctly even when your alpha doesn't match with own RGB input. Added knob that allow you to blur the edges restored Fixed colorcorrect knob issue

14 Jul 2017
Contributor: sarus

9.39 Kb

A simple tool to create a mask from an ID pass.

09 Jun 2017
Contributor: alexander055

5.79 Kb

A simply gizmo that allow you to manage better your channels embedded in your input file. V1.1 has been released: - Add Reset Mask button allowing you to put in off all the mask inserted before - Removed issue with 'ret' variable in the script

10 Dec 2016
Contributor: Ahuge

3.63 Kb

This is the Dynamic Remove Node as per request on the front page. Add will add knobs, remove will remove them. Let me know if you experience any bugs.

12 Jul 2016
Contributor: jasonmbergman

5.14 Kb

Channel Offset allows the user to easily slide individual RGB channels in both x and y. Whether its correcting chromatic aberration or creating it this toll gives you complete control.

12 Jun 2014
Contributor: [email protected]

1.52 Kb

Extract Coverage Pass from render in Arnold & Renderman

13 Mar 2019
Contributor: callHarry

4.53 Kb

The CopyChannels gizmo makes it easy to stream custom named channels into to pipe of nuke.

13 Jan 2019
Contributor: darkness

5.56 Kb

Creates a tree of lightgroups or illumination passes and recombines them.

17 Sep 2018
Contributor: satheesh

6.52 Kb

This gizmo gives much more control to user 1. User can visualise the the amount of spill removed from the plate. 2. Make your screen to middle gray after removing spill by adjust the multiply. 3. Red Contribution controlling the red amount of de-spill. Mask option give user to apply the red contribution on selected areas. (good for control the skin tone edges)

06 Jun 2018
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