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Contributor: fawwaadkhan

3.36 Kb

just refined it a bit as first version was a bit ambiguous and was a simple toolset but this one is gizmo..and there was a typo mistake.. in demo video old version's path is embedded at the bottom of screen..please ignore it.. Here is a quick demo ..

14 Oct 2019
Contributor: richiepic

9.66 Kb

Connect CG render .exr (with render layers in it) then you can select the pass you would like to color correct it, or blur it. Any additional functions and feedbacks are welcome in the comment session!

10 Oct 2019
Contributor: sarus

8.66 Kb

A matte extract tool for multimatte RGB passes (eg Vray MultiMatteElement)

24 Jul 2019
Contributor: CreativeLyons

1.23 Kb

Analyzes a choice of the RGB, RGBA, or Alpha input and outputs an Alpha Channel (or RGBA) that is Binary, 0 or 1. Any Pixels that are not 0 will be turned into 1 (negative numbers also), and 0 will remain 0. This is perfect for those blur + unpremult tricks or if you need a quick matte for finding any rgb color above or below 0, in a CG render passes for example.

02 Jul 2019
Contributor: [email protected]

11.03 Kb

rename Channels and Layers with Nodes

12 Jun 2019
Contributor: [email protected]

1.52 Kb

Extract Coverage Pass from render in Arnold & Renderman

13 Mar 2019
Contributor: callHarry

4.53 Kb

The CopyChannels gizmo makes it easy to stream custom named channels into to pipe of nuke.

13 Jan 2019
Contributor: darkness

5.56 Kb

Creates a tree of lightgroups or illumination passes and recombines them.

17 Sep 2018
Contributor: satheesh

6.52 Kb

This gizmo gives much more control to user 1. User can visualise the the amount of spill removed from the plate. 2. Make your screen to middle gray after removing spill by adjust the multiply. 3. Red Contribution controlling the red amount of de-spill. Mask option give user to apply the red contribution on selected areas. (good for control the skin tone edges)

06 Jun 2018
Contributor: rlopes

5.57 Kb

A combination of Shuffle nodes to return an alpha channel with Stencil and Mask integrated!

30 Mar 2018
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