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Contributor: mborgo

11.26 Kb

This script will freeze the source curve of the Splinewarp at the desired frame and transfer the animation of the source to the destination curve.

13 Sep 2023
Contributor: guialgigu

13.35 Kb

Combine Retimes is a python script that can combine a stack of multiple retiming nodes into a single output (both a lookup table and a speed value).

01 Aug 2023
Contributor: ssava

4.51 Kb

When the render is done, the tool sends you a message to your email address. The tool currently works with g-mail and yahoo accounts.

29 Jul 2023
Contributor: malu05

7.87 Kb

A tool that lets you see your .nkc cache files.

17 Jul 2023
Contributor: TheRetter

3.84 Kb

Converts the 4 point track of a CornerPin2D Node into a matrix, and copies it into the transform of a roto node layer.

11 Jul 2023
Contributor: TheRetter

2.82 Kb

This has the same function as the 'set to current frame' in the Tracker node. But you can apply this on any Transform or CornerPin2D Node that has the tracked values already baked in.

10 Jul 2023
Contributor: Cescemre

0.32 Kb

This script allows you to copy any node you have on the clipboard to multiple destination nodes.

29 May 2023
Contributor: romb14

2.25 Kb

This script sets hotkeys for fast Viewer input setting without need to select any node. Convinient if you often compare original source with your work or any other source.

10 Apr 2023
Contributor: kbueno

120.56 Kb

Adds checkboxes to the 'Viewer1' node properties with the connected node names next to it. With a checkbox 'checked' (locked) you disable the viewer node to change that index input node with another.

06 Apr 2023
Contributor: Shuvo

3.18 Kb

It creates three Shuffle nodes and connects them to the currently selected node. Each Shuffle node is set to shuffle a specific color channel (red, green, or blue) and is labeled with the corresponding color. The position and color of each node are also adjusted within the function. The purpose of the script is to provide a quick and easy way to split an image into its color channels for further compositing.

26 Mar 2023
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