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Contributor: maxvanleeuwen

2.18 Kb

Keyboard shortcut to open the folder of the path currently on the clipboard, or of file knobs on selected nodes. Works with TCL paths and paths relative to the project directory.

12 Apr 2021
Contributor: diogoadmin

2.23 Kb

Converts a hex value to a linear RGB float using Nuke's standard sRGB to Linear LUT

08 Jul 2010
Contributor: frank

1.01 Kb

spawn FrameHold to extract still frames

31 Aug 2010
Contributor: anselmlier

0.62 Kb

The idea was not having to copy/paste the IBK color node and set erode to zero and then increase the patch black, etc. Instead you can set up your IBK color node once, select it, hit the shortcut a couple of times and all values like screen type, blacks, whites will be copied over to the new IBK color node. The erode will be set to zero and the patch black doubles each time to get the screen filled up faster. The lines for my menu.py look like this: import ibkStack myMenu.addCommand('ibkStack', 'ibkStack.ibkStack()', 'shift+alt+i')

18 Jun 2020
Contributor: Dragoby

2.25 Kb

This is a small script that I pieced together for fun while teaching myself python. It takes the image value of a selected node and generates it in the node graph using dots.

06 Apr 2014
Contributor: Badger

11.47 Kb

Advanced Cornerpin for easier copy-paste action from tracker to cornerpin. Includes from-to copy, stabilize and reference frame options, and automatic snap.

23 Sep 2010
Contributor: jansensander

1.58 Kb

Creates an incremental save of your Nuke script every time you save

26 Feb 2011
Contributor: jishon

2.68 Kb

You can create custom backdrop using this script, There is some presets for label and you can add different label in custom label input area. and you can change font size for the label also.

26 Apr 2022
Contributor: jishon

2.55 Kb

This Script creates a corner pin node and auto arrange pins according with the selected node's alpha channel.

24 Apr 2022
Contributor: jishon

0.85 Kb

For copying animation data from Tracker node to Roto Node. It will copy Trasform,rotation.scale and center point animatons into Roto node and also it will create a blur node along with the roto

26 Apr 2022
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