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Contributor: satheesh

0.73 Kb

Updated automatically carry current frame. Extract single frame from the sequence.

16 Apr 2013
Contributor: satheesh

2.05 Kb

This script extract selected roto shapes from selected roto, rotopaint node in nuke. Usually we use to do, copy the desired roto shapes and then create a new roto node and paste the shapes. If roto node contain baked tracker info, then we copy paste the entire roto node and then delete unwanted shape's from pasted roto node. I have created extractSelectedShapes script to make this process automatically. Tested several times and working with nuke 6, 7, 8 versions. This code also work with roto shapes imported from silhouette and mocha. for bugs and reports: [email protected]

02 Oct 2014
Contributor: EladTzemach1

4.38 Kb

Adds camera shake effect to your footage

17 Jan 2015
Contributor: jober

9.20 Kb

Creates a ready to start Script with Shuffles for each Channel and preset Merges

07 Oct 2010
Contributor: dubiella

5.30 Kb

This is a simple Script that searching in each directories and subdirectories. Looking for the files in Node with path errors. He Find new Path and Replace to correct this one.

25 Oct 2012
Contributor: satheesh

1.49 Kb

Another handy script for nuker's. Hope this will help you friends.

22 Apr 2013
Contributor: nickane

1.54 Kb

A Four Point Track Node for Nuke: effectively a modified CornerPin node that makes it quicker and easier for you to copy/link tracks from a Tracker node than a regular CornerPin node.

01 Aug 2010
Contributor: ieatvfxforbreakfast

34.30 Kb

Sets current frame when created & button to set current frame.

15 May 2012
Contributor: mborgo

11.26 Kb

This script will freeze the source curve of the Splinewarp at the desired frame and transfer the animation of the source to the destination curve.

13 Sep 2023
Contributor: fxtor

15.18 Kb

Relinker is a Nuke tool for relinking footage automatically. It was developed to be used in a small independent film production environment where artists would typically work off their hard drives on multiple locations with different computers. The Nuke scripts we worked with at the time generally had a lot of different read nodes. Instead of losing time relinking nodes manually, we wrote this Python tool to automate the task. Video demonstration: https://vimeo.com/103858180

10 Jan 2020
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