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Contributor: Charles Angus

14.37 Kb

Labelmaker is a wholesale replacement for Foundry Nuke's, offering much more information at a glance in the node graph. Try it - after using it for a while, you'll feel blind without it. No more opening the properties panel to see what a node is doing - Labelmaker shows you this info right in the DAG.

23 Nov 2020
Contributor: satheesh

0.96 Kb automatically sets the selected rotoshapes lifetime based on the shapes key frame's. This code get the selected shapes keyframe value ( example: 10, 20, 30) and apply min and max to lifetime start and end respectively. After i run this code my roto shape lifetime set to 10 - 30 automatically by single click or short-key.

02 Apr 2016
Contributor: satheesh

1.96 Kb

v2.0: fixed some label index issue. Added separator on the properties menu. v1.7: Fixed some issues in OC function. v1.6: Added new feature. Now this code works with node locked inside Group node. v1.5ː Fixed adding new line each time while user lock and unlock multiple times. Which causing node became bigger and bigger. 1.3:Minor bug fix. When user un_lock knob. Label text line-up in one line. Now this script support multi line label. This code allow user to lock the nodes knob. Once you lock the knobs, then you cant modify any sliders until you un-lock the knobs. This will save you from any accident changes. Hope this will help you guys.

20 May 2020
Contributor: ewok

4.51 Kb

LockViewer locks a selected node to a chosen viewer (1-10). Pressing the same viewer number on a different node results in showing up the 'locked' node.

29 Feb 2012
Contributor: lamakaha

21.13 Kb

Panel designed to help user to operate on many nodes in the same time

11 Oct 2017
Contributor: JorgeHI

1.36 Kb

Command to change the mode of the selected merge/ChannelMerge nodes in Nuke more easily.

06 Dec 2022
Contributor: maxvanleeuwen

1.34 Kb

Select merge nodes and nodes to connect to them as their 'A' input, and all selected nodes will be connected to their respective Merge nodes - with a dot in a straight corner!

12 Apr 2021
Contributor: ErwanL

11.66 Kb

DEPRECATED: Use the version from nuke-vector-matrix for a maintained version. Merge many transform nodes together. Supports Transforms, Trackers and Cornerpins. Outputs either a new Transform or a new Cornerpin based on the transformation.

28 Mar 2021
Contributor: frank

3.12 Kb

mirror the selected nodes in the DAG

23 Mar 2021
Contributor: M-Mamdouh

42.40 Kb

Automatically fast creating backdrop with customized Label, Color & Font Size.

15 Dec 2022
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