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Contributor: coconutnico

2.27 Kb

Simple Matchgrade gizmo that allows you to pick a target and a source color. The gizmo will simply apply a color correction to the source color and change its rgb values into the target color. Especially helpful when trying to match the color of a patch. You'll also have access to the standard features of a grade node like mask input or mix.

04 Jan 2016
Contributor: malu05

24.56 Kb

LUE is a advanced colorgrading toolset for Nuke

26 Oct 2015
Contributor: chetalvfx

0.54 Kb

nThreshold Gizmo converts grayscale or color images to high-contrast, black-and-white images.

13 Jan 2016
Contributor: jig104

5.46 Kb

SelectColor_v1 color seperate

29 Jan 2016
Contributor: Sergey.Krivohatskiy

0.65 Kb

A simple guizmo for image binarization(transforming rgb or grayscale image to black/white image) based on local luminance

16 May 2016
Contributor: KelSolaar

15.69 Kb

Absolute Luminance Calibration of Panoramic HDRI Images & Analytical Light Sources Creation

27 Feb 2020
Contributor: Finley

2.39 Kb

A convenient setup to sample the curve of your footage and use that curve to match an element to the sample. Very useful for grading elements to match shots with changing lighting conditions.

13 Nov 2016
Contributor: alexander055

8.32 Kb

This Gizmo allowing a simpler way to manage your exr color manipulation. You can directly change your passes throught in affecting your input, without creating shuffle nodes, or adding from and plus merge nodes.

10 Dec 2016
Contributor: ivankr9

2.11 Kb

the script will create a group with OCIOFileTransfoms to quickly switch between color correction

30 Dec 2016
Contributor: Ebite

11.18 Kb

ekaGradient is the equivalent of Photoshop’s color gradient or Colorama in After Effects, something I’ve always missed working with Nuke. It can be used by creating a color gradient to change the image, as well as it can be used for other uses such as keying.

13 May 2022
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