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Contributor: CameraRick

5.83 Kb

Dehazes shots in a Lightroom-like fashion. Based on a tutorial by Mads Hagbarth Damsbo

29 Jan 2020
Contributor: tianlunjiang

6.41 Kb

Grading AOVs (up to 4 at a time) without breaking out the passes

26 Feb 2020
Contributor: fynnay

19.10 Kb

A 'mix luminance' slider - but for any node.

30 Mar 2020
Contributor: MiguelT

8.67 Kb

EdgeGrade allows you to grade and control the edge of an input element in a quick and intuitive way.

25 Apr 2021
Contributor: xmjtx

5.44 Kb

Provide more options on Gamma math. Make contrast more easier in color integration. Break the boundary of default Gamma method.

14 Sep 2020
Contributor: linandre

2.35 Kb

simple gizmo series (sg) by andre hue rotation in nuke that work like hue rotation in photoshop. works well to aid in boosting color, change color or dramatically change color of some subjects hope it will assist you as well as it has assisted me, feel free to contact me regarding of issues, cheers

19 Nov 2020
Contributor: gavdalf

1.39 Kb

**updated version 2.2** Now has additional controls for format and you can now control the intensity of the false colour effect. 'False Color' or 'Helper' filters (similar to those used in photoshop) to help match plates colour, luminosity and saturation. Place after final merge then grades target upstream using the helper filters to match colour, tone and value.

16 Sep 2021
Contributor: aitor10995

11.43 Kb

Make relights of our footage without needed any render passes. It's especially useful when we try to illuminate smoke or atmospheric elements. An important thing is to adjust the amount of emboss well, depending on the incident light it will have to be negative or positive. we can also adjust the smoothness of our emboss. I hope you liked it.

09 Apr 2022
Contributor: rinzler

5.64 Kb

Extract luma or Chroma from your plate.

21 Apr 2021
Contributor: Shuvo

1.85 Kb

This Tools is Created following Common 2 grade Technique. Just Select your CG Black and White Point & other side Select your Footage Black Point and White point. This Gizmo automatic share all the lighting information from Background to Foreground.

23 Apr 2021
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