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Contributor: nickane

1.54 Kb

A Four Point Track Node for Nuke: effectively a modified CornerPin node that makes it quicker and easier for you to copy/link tracks from a Tracker node than a regular CornerPin node.

01 Aug 2010
Contributor: nickonstad

1.84 Kb

A simple python script that saves the time and date that your project was opened and closed into a Text Node named Time Keeper. There is a python button in the User Tab to copy the Time Keeper's message to your clipboard where you can paste it wherever.

05 Mar 2023
Contributor: nofxboy1234

2.21 Kb

Autolife automatically sets the lifetime for roto shapes and strokes to their first and last keyframe.

28 Feb 2013
Contributor: nukesilvio

3.75 Kb

This tool separates your image ReadNode Passes in a automated way by providing you an interface to rename or delete extracted Layers.

28 Mar 2014
Contributor: ocman

6.36 Kb

In order to make a faster to process tree, this tool helps you crop out the unused area of your render passes. It makes use of CurveTool and Crop nodes.

30 Sep 2014
Contributor: pejaycee

51.69 Kb

This is Nuketris, a block based game for Nuke based on a well known arcade game. This is a complete abuse of Nuke's Python API, and should not be taken seriously.

08 Jun 2020
Contributor: pf_world

11.79 Kb

This script will take all the files being referenced inside of your comp and copy them to a specified directory. A copy of the nuke script will then be added to this directory with all the file paths set to relative file paths. This means that the nuke script can be opened successfully, regardless of where the folder ends up being transferred to.

18 May 2015
Contributor: pushkarevalexandr

12.96 Kb

Creates the same menu with Cattery gizmos in Nuke13, as Nuke14 creates automatically

11 Feb 2023
Contributor: rjq

1.15 Kb

A tool used to change the same knob in all selected nodes

07 Sep 2013
Contributor: robowar

114.17 Kb

An offline Nuke python API searcher inside Nuke

30 Jun 2020
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