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Contributor: masky007

15.68 Kb

1. Turns OFF and ON the motionblur for: ScanlineRenders, Transforms, TransformMasked, Trackers, CornerPin, VectorBlurs, DirectionalBlurs, MotionBlur, and RealSmartMotionblur nodes. 2. Depending if you have selected nodes or not - it will only affect the selection, or the whole comp 3. Stores values in your .nk file so you can save, and reopen your comp later, and turn OFF/ON the motionblur 4. Works with animated values 5. Colorcode the nodes that are affected by the script 6. Excludes 'undo' command in nuke for changes made by the script, to prevent logical errors

17 Nov 2016
Contributor: jordanboulais

16.54 Kb

Usually when using the spline warp node, you have to go trough all the previous key frames of the source shape and replace the destination shape points. This script create a controller shape on wich you can add independent key frames.

02 Jul 2022
Contributor: diogoadmin

1.98 Kb

Splits the current select node's layers into nodes

20 Jun 2010
Contributor: stormstudios

1.01 Kb

Decorator function to increase speed of nodes with 'heavy' custom callbacks.

25 Nov 2015
Contributor: sameer

0.65 Kb

script which lets u create the stereo cam setup with both the cameras linked via expression to manage your convergence and inter axial. Also creates the required dependent nodes.

26 Aug 2010
Contributor: Cequinel

25.85 Kb

Create controllers to increase or decrease cropped area.

28 Aug 2021
Contributor: tianlunjiang

16.73 Kb

nuke dockable panel for testing pyhon modules with click of a button, built for compers who uses external IDE.

22 Jun 2020
Contributor: mohanpugaz

3.09 Kb

Extractes the preffered color mattes from a multimatte (or) idpass from 3D Department using Expression node Will Work on R,G,B,Cyan,Magenta,Yellow,Black,White and Alpha

12 May 2015
Contributor: nickonstad

1.84 Kb

A simple python script that saves the time and date that your project was opened and closed into a Text Node named Time Keeper. There is a python button in the User Tab to copy the Time Keeper's message to your clipboard where you can paste it wherever.

05 Mar 2023
Contributor: Geoffroy

3.47 Kb

This script creates a ToDo List with checkboxes to tick when you've finished the tasks. You can also remove the ticked boxes and it creates a record of the complete tasks in a text node. Hope you will enjoy!! :)

05 Aug 2011
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