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Contributor: MichaelKarp

3.97 Kb

Repairs Euler 360° jumps in the Nuke curve editor, common problem when importing cameras in alembic and .fbx etc.

09 Aug 2020
Contributor: tianlunjiang

16.73 Kb

nuke dockable panel for testing pyhon modules with click of a button, built for compers who uses external IDE.

22 Jun 2020
Contributor: anselmlier

0.62 Kb

The idea was not having to copy/paste the IBK color node and set erode to zero and then increase the patch black, etc. Instead you can set up your IBK color node once, select it, hit the shortcut a couple of times and all values like screen type, blacks, whites will be copied over to the new IBK color node. The erode will be set to zero and the patch black doubles each time to get the screen filled up faster. The lines for my menu.py look like this: import ibkStack myMenu.addCommand('ibkStack', 'ibkStack.ibkStack()', 'shift+alt+i')

18 Jun 2020
Contributor: pejaycee

51.69 Kb

This is Nuketris, a block based game for Nuke based on a well known arcade game. This is a complete abuse of Nuke's Python API, and should not be taken seriously.

08 Jun 2020
Contributor: fuzzymango

7.91 Kb

This Python script takes looks at the selected read node and sets the project full-size format, aspect ratio, and frame range to that of the read node. If the full-size format does not exist in the current user's list of formats, it prompts the user to name the new format before setting the project settings. Useful when first creating a script and you want to quickly set your project settings.

24 Mar 2020
Contributor: fxtor

15.18 Kb

Relinker is a Nuke tool for relinking footage automatically. It was developed to be used in a small independent film production environment where artists would typically work off their hard drives on multiple locations with different computers. The Nuke scripts we worked with at the time generally had a lot of different read nodes. Instead of losing time relinking nodes manually, we wrote this Python tool to automate the task. Video demonstration: https://vimeo.com/103858180

10 Jan 2020
Contributor: 雷霆酷酷

0.40 Kb

Delete the '._' file created by Mac

07 Jan 2020
Contributor: tanantish

9.94 Kb

Nuke knobs can be a bit of a pain, they're hard to wrangle and there's no clean API to do things I tend to want to do (like bulk add/move/rearrange knobs). As a first step though, this just has the bulk add/insert functionality that you generally want as a first step.

05 Jan 2020
Contributor: jaimex127

1.64 Kb

Print in Label of any node the Animated Keyframes

16 Dec 2019
Contributor: henrietta

1.21 Kb

toggle the T, R and S values of a Tracker4 Node for each track at once

06 Aug 2019
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