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Contributor: masky007

15.68 Kb

1. Turns OFF and ON the motionblur for: ScanlineRenders, Transforms, TransformMasked, Trackers, CornerPin, VectorBlurs, DirectionalBlurs, MotionBlur, and RealSmartMotionblur nodes. 2. Depending if you have selected nodes or not - it will only affect the selection, or the whole comp 3. Stores values in your .nk file so you can save, and reopen your comp later, and turn OFF/ON the motionblur 4. Works with animated values 5. Colorcode the nodes that are affected by the script 6. Excludes 'undo' command in nuke for changes made by the script, to prevent logical errors

17 Nov 2016
Contributor: websterek

1.60 Kb

Remove user created channels.

02 Feb 2016
Contributor: esc4pe85

1.79 Kb

This python script generates a set of nodes to project the selected frame from the selected camera, all of the nodes are grouped and their options exposed to simplify the use. A 'set this frame' button has been added. please contact me for suggestions, errors or help. Salvatore Carvelli

04 Nov 2014
Contributor: hovanyi

227.22 Kb

Multiplayer Pong for Nuke

12 Sep 2013
Contributor: dubiella

5.30 Kb

This is a simple Script that searching in each directories and subdirectories. Looking for the files in Node with path errors. He Find new Path and Replace to correct this one.

25 Oct 2012
Contributor: Mohamed Selim

42.14 Kb

msHelpers are a bunch of scripts to make those day to day tedious tasks more pleasant.

12 Sep 2012
Contributor: marcozazza

13.86 Kb

Chose up to 4 points of a roto shape to track and bake them into a tracker node to get the translation, rotation and scale value

13 Apr 2012
Contributor: falk.hofmann

310.05 Kb

create wave Expression in an extra tab on the Node where you need it.

19 May 2013
Contributor: falk.hofmann

3.23 Kb

Script to measure values on a Frame with an Option to normalize them.

23 Apr 2013
Contributor: Shuvo

2.85 Kb

It creates three Shuffle nodes and connects them to the currently selected node. Each Shuffle node is set to shuffle a specific color channel (red, green, or blue) and is labeled with the corresponding color. The position and color of each node are also adjusted within the function. The purpose of the script is to provide a quick and easy way to split an image into its color channels for further compositing.

18 Apr 2024
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