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Contributor: guialgigu

24.34 Kb

Set a new reference frame for any baked-in Transform or CornerPin2D node. Generate information for either MatchMove or Stabilize.

06 Jan 2022
Contributor: mborgo

8.87 Kb

This script will find the missing external files of your script and relink them. It will search the files on the informed disk or folder.

15 Sep 2021
Contributor: jordanboulais

4.91 Kb

Create Cvec4 (strokes very similar to Pins) in a splinewarp node from trackers of a selected tracker node! You can now decide if the parameters are being bake on the 'pins' or that values are link by expression to the trackers.

02 Jun 2021
Contributor: leafpictures

3,368.22 Kb

smartScripter provides functionality to quickly store, retrieve and execute python code, tcl code and Nuke node snippets. These can be stored as commands inside smartScripter and are shareable among artists. As smartScripter lets you quickly jump between different scripts, it can speed up your daily work, even if you are just working on your own.

31 May 2021
Contributor: maxvanleeuwen

2.18 Kb

Keyboard shortcut to open the folder of the path currently on the clipboard, or of file knobs on selected nodes. Works with TCL paths and paths relative to the project directory.

12 Apr 2021
Contributor: maxvanleeuwen

19.49 Kb

Collect all media, gizmos and other necessary files to make a Nuke script work, and copy it to one specific folder. Features: auto-relinking, checks for duplicates, a command-line interface, a nice user interface when run in Nuke.

12 Apr 2021
Contributor: maxvanleeuwen

19.99 Kb

Automatically load and install all kinds of plugins/scripts, simply by placing them in the right folder.

28 Mar 2021
Contributor: Conrad

2.81 Kb

A python script that compares the AVOs in two read nodes and returns the difference

11 Dec 2020
Contributor: webtem

957.76 Kb

It’s a tool(script) for Nuke that every time user saves the project, create backups from project file in one or two different locations.

23 Oct 2020
Contributor: florianlorber

1.99 Kb

A script that produces a framehold that matches the animation steps of a stop-motion or 2D animated plate.

11 Aug 2020
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