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Contributor: chasn

1.85 Kb

Adds 'vibrance' to an image by boosting saturation in less-saturated areas. Adjust threshold, vibrance, & mix sliders to taste to give your final renders a little 'kick'.

27 Feb 2014
Contributor: chetalvfx

0.52 Kb

Using the nColorama Gizmo, you can subtly tint an image or radically change its color palette.

15 Jul 2015
Contributor: chetalvfx

0.54 Kb

nThreshold Gizmo converts grayscale or color images to high-contrast, black-and-white images.

13 Jan 2016
Contributor: coconutnico

2.27 Kb

Simple Matchgrade gizmo that allows you to pick a target and a source color. The gizmo will simply apply a color correction to the source color and change its rgb values into the target color. Especially helpful when trying to match the color of a patch. You'll also have access to the standard features of a grade node like mask input or mix.

04 Jan 2016
Contributor: comp_V01

4.86 Kb

This tool is basically a RolloffContrast just on the Luminance. It is really usefull for creating shadows on plates with already existing shadows.

06 Oct 2019
Contributor: coolchipper

3.34 Kb

HueTransfer gizmo to convert an incoming element and BG into HSV color space and swap the hues. Useful to blend in glass crack elements and other transparent elements with the BG.

28 Aug 2018
Contributor: CreativeLyons

26.43 Kb

This tool recreates a toe operation that's able to input an external image as it's black point and has controls for the multiply (the amount above the blackpoint that the operation stops affecting the midtones and highlights), and a control for the Gamma, or falloff, which is the bottom part of the curve and how it's blending with the blackpoint. You can toggle a preview overlay of a plotscanline and see how your blackpoint is affecting the rest of your image.

09 Nov 2019
Contributor: danikei

3.41 Kb

Similar to Photoshop's photofilter, for quickly changing the color balance and color temperature.

09 Feb 2014
Contributor: diogoadmin

11.73 Kb

Converts motion vector passes from different formats to suit Nuke's taste

21 Jul 2010
Contributor: dreamsurfer31

3.34 Kb

PAF_Matchit_BW semiautomatically match the Blackpoints and Whitepoints of a FG image based on the BG image.

11 Oct 2011
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