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Contributor: tdlockard

2.67 Kb

Send selected nodes to an artist quickly and easily using a predefined email account.

04 Sep 2015
Contributor: diogoadmin

1.58 Kb

Opens the file of a node in Mocha.

18 May 2012
Contributor: rshain

128.88 Kb

This python script allows you to “send footage” from NUKE to mocha Pro 4.x with the click of a button. Adds mocha icon to Nuke toolbar.

05 Nov 2014
Contributor: quister

1.64 Kb

Simplifies using sequentially-numbered ASCII files from disk in a Text node.

29 Oct 2010
Contributor: eden

2.36 Kb

A simple python script to help people more easily share nuke nodes.

18 Jun 2020
Contributor: nachoigea

1.60 Kb

This tool allows the user to create shuffle nodes from each layer included in the imported material, either by selecting some layers or creating the shuffle nodes from all layers.

02 Jan 2021
Contributor: mborgo

9.19 Kb

This script will import open shapes with stroke width from Silhouette Roto and Paint

19 Apr 2012
Contributor: [email protected]

19,662.33 Kb

Free panel for The Foundry’s Nuke that improves the import/export of the scripts, or parts of them, using Groups

11 Dec 2023
Contributor: Shuvo

0.49 Kb

If you share your project file on other artist, always straggling other artist for relink all of the read file. This code Code is magic, just showing your root path and this python auto replace with TCL expression all of your read file. and after doing this, you can open any other pc or mac, your script now showing any 'missing file error'..

02 Jun 2021
Contributor: Shuvo

0.52 Kb

We are always straggling, when someone share Nuke script. We have to relink all the missing read file manually. we can do this using nuke 'search and replace' from node menu. But before do this, you have to select all the read file. If you use this code you don't need to select all the read file, it will automatic do this. This python code helped you doing this job. If you share your old location and new location ,then this script auto replace your all the read file old file path to new path. watch Demo video for better understanding.

02 Jun 2021
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