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Contributor: [email protected]

3.41 Kb

2D image projected on a 3D sphere

04 Mar 2019
Contributor: darkness

10,640.30 Kb

'I can't believe it's not Massive!' A crowd generator for nuke.

02 Apr 2018
Contributor: xmjtx

9.75 Kb

Calculate the depth distance between animated or non-animated axis/geo and camera. It is useful for any depth setup and make it automatic, such as creating rack focus, DOF on moving object, DeepCrop, create holdout in Deep, clip zdepth pass, analyze the depth for the shot to drive any 2D setup in template, etc.

08 Aug 2019
Contributor: xmjtx

13.76 Kb

Unify all the 3D transformation nodes into one single coordinate value. Snap vertex supported animation, shifted pivot, and able to export translation and rotation.

08 Aug 2019
Contributor: coolchipper

9.39 Kb

Gizmo to generate tracks out of Nuke's native point cloud or any geometry by sampling values from the viewer.

20 Sep 2018
Contributor: buzzie114

3.89 Kb

This Gizmo let's you do camera projections in few clicks.

30 Oct 2018
Contributor: xmjtx

63.78 Kb

Initial intention of 'Origami' is a *just for fun* tool. Since the tool involved many setup. Then I start to build it for practical usage. It helps to build geo patch for scatter objects or form a new UV, re-build a messy wireframe photoscan geo, clone a high-end geo to low-end geo for patch or 3D reference, and also able to create interact animation. v1.2 added tangent for geo smoothness.

29 May 2019
Contributor: xmjtx

1,358.86 Kb

UVEditor is simplify the steps of create uv tile or udim setup in nuke, provide the visual of uv tile in uv space of the geo, export udim texture, extract mattepainting projection in udim, paint fix the texture and map it back to the geo.

13 Mar 2019
Contributor: wesheo

6.83 Kb

W_SuperNormal generates a surface angle based matte using Normal AOV with a simple picking method and intuitive horizontal/vertical manual rotations.

04 Feb 2019
Contributor: Gronico

4.02 Kb

mirrors an input geometry based on a card (like a mirror plane)

07 May 2019
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