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Contributor: JustinGD

1.83 Kb

Merge all your alpha using one groupe instead of lots of channelMerge nodes.

31 Jan 2015
Contributor: kundanbasnet

2.53 Kb

If you have a CG rendered with a colored BG and not Black you will get and edge issue with regular Premult. But with this ColorPremult Gizmo it will solve the edge and Semi-Transparency issue save you time as you don't have to re-render you image with black background. Hope this helps. Thanks Kundan

20 Jun 2016
Contributor: sarus

8.66 Kb

A matte extract tool for multimatte RGB passes (eg Vray MultiMatteElement)

24 Jul 2019
Contributor: topperLopez82

2.34 Kb

Offset Channels, Huecorrect them and mask only the areas you want to get affected by the effect with a mask.

08 Sep 2014
Contributor: coconutnico

2.95 Kb

this node is a simplified version of nukes shuffle node. the integer slider is dynamic and will always show the number of available layers. the selected layer will always be shuffled into rgba.

04 Jan 2016
Contributor: Eyki

88.21 Kb

MECudimmanager is a tool to organise UDIM Inputs in Nuke. It can be used to conveniently give an overview of the models UV spaces, show specific UDIMs and input textures that are automatically getting put into the correct place. It can be used for the creation of masks, paintovers for specific areas and projections on complex models with multiple UV spaces.

15 Feb 2018
Contributor: chetalvfx

1.13 Kb

Through Zmatte Gizmo you can create a smooth matte from z-depth pass.

23 Feb 2017
Contributor: otaku

10.39 Kb

uses an alpha channel or a black&white image and add it to a given image. including a premult option.

27 Dec 2010
Contributor: richiepic

9.66 Kb

Connect CG render .exr (with render layers in it) then you can select the pass you would like to color correct it, or blur it. Any additional functions and feedbacks are welcome in the comment session!

10 Oct 2019
Contributor: CreativeLyons

1.23 Kb

Analyzes a choice of the RGB, RGBA, or Alpha input and outputs an Alpha Channel (or RGBA) that is Binary, 0 or 1. Any Pixels that are not 0 will be turned into 1 (negative numbers also), and 0 will remain 0. This is perfect for those blur + unpremult tricks or if you need a quick matte for finding any rgb color above or below 0, in a CG render passes for example.

02 Jul 2019
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