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Contributor: frank

1.14 Kb

re-orient a format

17 Jun 2010
Contributor: Kirito23

1.16 Kb

dynamic reformat for lens distortion/transformation. handy for overscan. also shows the transformation value.

06 May 2018
Contributor: nik_vfx

79.37 Kb

Custom tool for Nuke for warping patches using trackers

10 Apr 2016
Contributor: willsc123

4.75 Kb

A simple gizmo that allows you to offset the points of a CornerPin for little adjustments.

28 Mar 2014
Contributor: tomage

1.71 Kb

When you want to precisely line up one image on top of another, for example to remove a wire or patch up a texture map, it may be sometimes painful as wiping or toggling between them are inadequate and inefficient. Inspired by Steve Wright in his 'Digital Compositing for film and Video', this tool is designed to relieve the pain by displaying both images simultaneously with apparent visual aids.

30 Sep 2016
Contributor: gasmasocet

3.35 Kb

Photoshop like distortion filter Polar.

23 May 2015
Contributor: Phil Prates

6.13 Kb

A distortion node that displaces images based on internal noise or custom noise maps.

13 Apr 2019
Contributor: frank

1.72 Kb

simple ripple distortion

21 Jun 2010
Contributor: a.chowdhury

2.44 Kb

Roto Centroid It tries to find out the centroid of a given rotoshape (based upon the area, NOT bounding box or average point values). It does this using an algorithm I put together in python for finding the centroid of 2d shapes based upon their point locations. This allows you to effectively find the center of mass of a Beziers etc. This differs from the center of the bounding box, or average point values in that it changes depending on how the shape is distributed, so it is unbiased on the amount of points you're using. I made this because Houdini can do this, so I felt Nuke should be able to aswell.

02 Jul 2016
Contributor: [email protected]

5.25 Kb

Move your elements directly with a brush instead of using roto shapes and transform nodes

16 Sep 2019
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